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Workshop "Understanding and applying dog language"

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The Dog Language Understanding and Application Workshop is of interest to anyone who lives and works with dogs, no matter how long you have had dogs in your life.

Do you also want to communicate with your dog in an understandable way in terms of body language? Do you want to gain respect and trust from your dog and learn to work with your feelings instead of command and control? Then this workshop is really for you. Dogs indicate through calming body language signals that they prefer to avoid all confrontation. Confrontations that humans are prone to.

Content of the workshop

You will learn what the calming signals of dogs look like and how you can apply them yourself to communicate with your dog. You will learn how best to approach and touch a dog and what a dog thinks of physical touch. You will learn how to recognize, avoid and reduce stress. The workshop will take place without your own dog being present. Your focus is needed to absorb all the information, photos and film material. Once at home, you can put all that you have learned to use immediately.

Knowledge of calming signals gives dog owners an extra dimension in interpreting their dog’s behavior and can form the basis for stress-free interaction between humans and animals.

Respect and trust is entirely at the basis of a relationship between man and dog. Then there is no place for fear and aggression!

“Today I attended the workshop understanding and applying dog language with Marjolein van Vlodrop. It was another instructive day and a lot of fun if you want to understand more about dogs! In fact a whole new world opens up for you and you get a lot more understanding of what they do. Marjolein also teaches you how you as a human can learn to communicate in the same way with dogs making everything much more harmonious, really nice to experience. Definitely recommended.”

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Location and cost

Location: Koningsbosch or Sittard. The workshop can also take place on request at a club or association elsewhere in the Netherlands. Please contact me for the possibilities.
The workshop lasts from 10:00 to 16:00 and costs 175 euros including lunch and drinks.
There is no refund possible.

Would you also like to learn this stress-free form of communication? You can sign up for a workshop by sending an email to I will then contact you to discuss a suitable date.

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