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Workshop "Tesla 7 Color Chakra Energy"

all dates by mutual agreement

Work with the infinite power of the 7 colored Tesla Chakra plates and disks, for your own and professional use with humans and animals.

During the workshop you will learn and experience how to use them for yourself and others. Some examples: healing touch humans and animals, aromatherapy, psychotherapy, qigong, yoga, all forms of massage and physical therapy for humans and animals, meditation, mindfulness, TTouch, all forms of energetic therapy, breath-work, body-work and so on. You will learn where the various chakra are connected to physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each individual chakra is linked to essential organs and endocrine glands. They are centers of consciousness linked to the individual’s personality and spirituality. A balance of the whole system is the foundation and a must for healing of body and mind.

Course content

  • How and what to use the colored Chakra plates and disks for
  • How easy they are to use
  • What are chakras and what are they linked to in the body and mind?
  • What does Tesla energy mean and what does it do to an individual?
  • What is the link between energy, frequency and the body
  • What is the significance of color in healing
  • How do I work with the set of 7 as a set
  • In what kind of therapy can I use the plates and disks and how

“As a Reiki practitioner and Qigong instructor, I work a lot with energy and was introduced to the Tesla products through Marjolein. The chakra set is my favorite! I use them with clients and my own family members of all ages and they provide more balance, energy, peace and better sleep and the sensations are very noticeable to me and with the people they are used for.



The price for theworkshop Tesla 7 color Chakra Plates is 75,00 euro p.p. for about 3 hours. During the workshop you can work with the disks and plates without any obligation. Through the website they can be purchased separately or as a set. If you participate in the workshop plus purchase the entire set, you will receive additional detailed information about the chakras and their connections. See the web store for more info under Tesla Energy

The Tesla Workshop is normally held in Koningsbosch or Sittard from 13:00 to 16:00 but other times and locations are negotiable. This workshop always fills up quickly as I want to keep the group small to give everyone the attention they need. The dates of the workshop are always determined in consultation so please send me an email if you would like to participate.

Would you like to learn how to use this wonderful form of support? You can sign up for a workshop by sending an email to I will then contact you to discuss a suitable date.

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