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Workshop "Intuitive Development" for beginners and advanced students

all dates by mutual agreement

Learn to follow your gut feeling and heart

Strengthening your intuitive ability teaches you to listen to what your body and mind indicate as the right information and thus helps you in making decisions. The intuitive development workshop teaches you to develop and use these talents to come into your own power and connection. Through your intuitive ability, you will learn to receive and send communication through images, words (knowing), feelings and more.

It strengthens your connection to your whole being and all the people and animals you love. It is a pure and beautiful form of connection between individuals that everyone has inherited as a human being and simply needs to be remembered and practiced again. Therefore it is not a gift but an innate quality that everyone has. Animals do not lose it during their lifetime and so for them it is the normal form of communication among themselves and with humans. How beautiful it is when you learn to use it again yourself!

I teach the workshop in small groups of up to 4 participants and there are 1 and 2-day options. Small scale is finer, more intimate and more effective. And there is enough time to guide everyone individually. Your bond with animals will be greatly strengthened and a whole new world will open up for you that will benefit you in your daily life when dealing with people and situations. Your “gut feeling” will develop more strongly.

“Some time ago I followed the intuitive communication course with Marjolein and that was a very beautiful and special experience. I am very happy that I did it, a whole new world opened up for me. The setup and atmosphere was unique and made it possible for me to grow and discover what is possible in the field of communicating with animals. I am grateful for the click with the emotional life of our animals. The course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with their pet and take a step that not many people are given, namely the step of communicating respectfully and honestly with our fellow residents. Think back to the course often and with great pleasure and warm feelings.


Course content and costs

Topics covered include: energy, information, intuitive communication with humans and animals, sending and receiving, meditation, animal-spirits, bereavement counseling, seniors, pathologies, lots of exercises and much more!

The beginner workshop includes intuitive communication with living animals.

The advanced workshop is expanded to include communicating with deceased animals and sick animals.

The 1-day workshop intuitive development for beginners and advanced costs 175 euros. The workshop intuitive development for beginners and advanced of 2 days costs 350 euro. The workshop days last from 10:00 to about 16:00 and include lunch.

Course dates are determined by mutual agreement and can be during the week or at the weekend. Upon full participation you will receive a certificate. There is no refund possible.                                    

Would you like to grow this innate ability? You can sign up for a workshop by sending an email to I will contact you to discuss a suitable date.

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