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Energy products inspired by Nikola Tesla

Tesla Free Energy Inventions

Nikola Tesla July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943 was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer and physicist. He is best known to the general public as the inventor of the alternating current generator and alternating current electric motor but otherwise has 700 inventions to his name! A few examples: radio/remote control/fluorescent light/radar location/X-ray photography without radiation/tachometer/turbine without blades/electron microscope/wireless energetic transmission/energetic disks and plates and anti-electrosmog products.

Free energy through the cosmos, vital!

Tesla, like many other “new scientists,” states that everything in this material world consists of energy with an individual vibrational frequency for humans, animals and matter.  This is called “life energy. It is responsible for the synchronicity and harmony of the universe.  This energy is vitally important! The personal vibrational frequency of every human and animal can become disturbed by, for example, an accident, illness, stress, separation, uncertainties, etc. These kinds of negative influences usually reveal themselves in the weaker parts of the body, in the form of physical or emotional complaints and pain. In the therapy sessions with humans and animals, I work through and with the universal quantum field. However I feel it important that clients can use energetic support themselves without my intervention. That is why I have chosen these specific products.

Energetic plates, disks and stickers

The Nikola Tesla inspired energetic plates, disks and Cyrstalium stickers reduce negative vibrations to come into harmony with yourself and the free energy of the quantum field and start functioning at the right vibrational frequency again. Nikola Tesla’s inventions were deliberately chosen by him and named as free, and thus may be used by anyone. So original is anyone who knows how to apply Nikola Tesla’s information correctly. Our products come from Switzerland from Rosen Herz Verlag, purely from the experience of many customers that their use has very positive effects.

tesla paarse plaat groot

How do the Tesla products work?

Experience shows that our choice of Tesla products can be very effective and you do not need more expensive Tesla products such as the Healy and other tools. The action of the Tesla products is best compared to free energy, based on the known energy of negative ions and anodized (electrolytically oxidized), combined with the range of the color spectrum which in turn is linked to the energetic centers. The aluminum products have been given a sophisticated (hexagonal) inner crystal structure and the atomic structure of the aluminum has been altered such that the products resonate with the high-frequency vibration of life energy. An energy field is thereby created around the products with which, through osmosis, all material substances are permeated. This energy is very beneficial to all living things such as plants, animals or humans and can be considered “positive energy. The vibration of the specific colors adds to the usability of the products.

What can I use the plates, discs and stickers for and how?

The Tesla products are suitable for humans, animals, food, water, stones, etc.  Food and drink needs half an hour to reach an optimal energetic frequency, which makes it most beneficial in terms of nutritional value and energy. If a person or animal has pain, illness or emotional complaints, one can, for example, carry the product with them, put it under an animal’s sleeping place or under one’s own pillow at night. The effect is very varied and individual according to what a person or animal needs and can process at that moment, but in general it gives more energy, better sleep, less pain, more focus and concentration, relief from physical complaints of various kinds (hormonal, systemic, organs etc).

The Tesla products slowly but surely raise the user’s vibrational frequency and improve the quality of drinks and food, charge and clean jewelry and gemstones. On the other hand, the products are effective to wear because they connect the body and therefore vitalize it and locally applied they work as an excellent pain reliever. 

The products themselves do not need to be cleaned like stones, for example, and they may also be used with a case around them. If they were damaged they still retain their effect. So they are very user-friendly in terms of deployment.

“The green plate has contributed to lower blood pressure.

The cyrstalium plate makes me keep a better focus at the PC and I can work longer and no longer get headaches.


“As a Reiki practitioner and Qigong instructor, I work a lot with energy and was introduced to the Tesla products through Marjolein. The chakra set is my favorite! I use them with clients and my own family members of all ages and among other things they provide more balance, energy, peace and better sleep and the sensations are very noticeable with me and with the persons they are used for.


“I use the chakra set or the big purple plate during my meditations to get my body and mind totally balanced and I feel reborn and tremendously free and happy when I am done.


Which product is best for me?

The larger, more extensive and chronic the complaints are, the larger the product you should choose. Besides the purple products that can be used for all complaints, there are also plates and disks in all chakra colors (large and small size). These can be used for humans and animals with a specific purpose. Each energetic center (chakra) is linked to organs, glands, systems and emotions and thoughts in a human or animal. Animal Spirit gives you exclusively and free of charge a durable Chakra Therapy card with an explanation of the energy centers and the use of the plates. If you want to learn even more about the workings and uses of the products, there is the Tesla 7 color chakra energy workshop.

tesla 7 chakra disk set

The extra power and dimension of the Flower of Life

Very special and extra powerful are all products with the Flower of Life integrated. These special products manifest one of the most powerful symbiosis of the universe: The cosmic energy in connection with the living pattern of creation! The Flower of Life is a visual representation of the connections between all living things and life itself. The pattern represents that all life arises from one source, just as the circles arise from the one central circle. It represents the mathematical and logical order of the natural world, as a sign of the laws of nature. To work with the Flower of Life is to work with the origin and totality of yourself from atom to complete holistic energetic body (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual).

Crystalium anti-electrosmog products

There are also the Tesla Crystalium plates and stickers that neutralize negative EMF (4G and 5G). They protect your system from electrosmog. The effects of the Crystalium products manifest themselves, among other things, in more energy, more focus and clarity and productivity and reduction of headaches and muscle tension. If you are sensitive to EMF, the Crystalium products are an effective help in reducing the reactions you have to negative radiation. It also supports in releasing the fear and anxiety surrounding this sensitivity.

tesla crystalium sticker bloem des levens

Check out the wide range of wonderful energetically supportive range of Tesla products in the webshop.

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