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Tesla 7 Chakra Energy treatment

What is the Tesla 7 Chakra Colour treatment?

This form of therapy is my own creation of all my knowledge and experience, united in an energetic treatment that can be experienced remotely or in person. There is no difference in effectiveness between distance and in person. By the way, this therapy is also used in the Body Code should it indicate blockages within the energetic centers. During the treatment, all 7 Tesla colored chakra plates are used to give a strong extra dimension to the energetic body. It is a total treatment of the physical, emotional, mental and all other levels within the etheric spiritual field (quantum field) in which all your information is stored.

Through the energetic centers such as the 7 chakras (Base-Sacral-Solar Plexus-Heart-Throat-Brow-Crown) as well as the life energy centers inside and outside your body, the body, mind and spirit are addressed and stimulated to reach the highest potential.

Color+ Frequency + Balance = Healing

Balance of the whole system is the foundation and a must for healing of body, mind and soul. Each individual chakra is linked to essential organs and endocrine glands. They are centers of consciousness linked to the individual’s personality and spirituality. And the latter, spirituality, should be seen as the degree of growth and responsibility in your life toward yourself and the outside world.

Working with colored Tesla disks adds extra dimensions to the overall treatment. The use of color in healing sessions goes back to the Egyptians and comes up again and again throughout the ages. Each color has its own wavelength and if you know that everything is energy and light and therefore electricity and vibration, you can imagine that you can also work very specifically with specific wavelengths.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Your entire physical and energetic body is made up of light (color) and frequency. The frequency ultimately determines the manifestation of your body. These frequencies are influenced by your thoughts, emotions and beliefs and determine how your body functions. All colors have their own effect on the body and yet they are all connected. They all work together to enlighten, cleanse, build and heal.

“As a Reiki practitioner and Qigong instructor, I work a lot with energy and was introduced to the Tesla products through Marjolein. The chakra set is my favorite! I use them with clients and my own family members of all ages and among other things they provide more balance, energy, peace and better sleep and the sensations are very noticeable with me and with the persons they are used for.


“The yellow chakra plate took away my stomach pain completely.

I really like the fact that the use of the whole chakra set only has to take 20 minutes, which is perfect for myself but also for my clients. I find it a very nice tool to use in my coaching sessions and it really gives an extra dimension so you can achieve more.


Distance treatment or "hands-on" and how often is needed

There is no difference in the effectiveness of remote or hands-on treatment. Almost all people choose to be treated remotely simply because then they can take their rest at home and do not have to travel. 

The number of treatments depends on the diversity, intensity and duration of the complaints but 2 to 3 treatments give the therapy and the individual a chance to let change and relief show itself. It remains highly individual how many layers lie beneath physical and emotional complaints. When these are released, balance is created and that is the foundation for good health and a sense of peace and happiness.

The Tesla 7 Chakra treatment rate

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