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Intuitive development

Animal Interpreter....? Dog Whisperer.....? Animal whisperer.....? Animal Communicator!

I am often called a dog whisperer, animal whisperer or animal interpreter. Personally, I prefer to call myself an animal communicator because I feel that is the most correct designation. This form of communication involves making contact with an animal using your intuition and telepathic abilities to receive information through words, images, sounds or feelings. You can communicate intuitively with living and deceased animals and, of course, humans. An animal is closely connected to the people it lives with, and therefore often the communication is linked to the people around the animal. An animal wants nothing more than to help humans and will take this to the extreme.

What can you do with your intuitive abilities?

Since I can remember I have been receiving feelings, thoughts, images and knowing (words) from other individuals (human and animal) and I use these highly developed skills during all forms of therapy I offer for humans and animals. There is nothing more profound than making pure contact with a soul and its information that he or she wants to share. This way you get to the core of what is going on with the other individual and you can respond accordingly in terms of help.

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself and everyone around you?

The workshop Intuitive Development teaches you to develop and use these talents yourself, in order to come into your power and divine connection and communicate more clearly with your animals. Strengthening your intuition teaches you to listen to what your body and mind indicate as the right path and therefore it helps you in making decisions. It strengthens your connection to your whole being and all the people and animals you love. It is a pure and beautiful form of connection between individuals that everyone has inherited as a human being and simply needs to be remembered again. Intuition is not a gift but an innate quality that everyone has. Animals do not lose it during their lifetime and so for them it is the normal form of communication among themselves and also with us humans.

Would you also like to grow this innate ability and learn intuitive listening to animals?

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