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Healing Touch for Humans

What is Healing Touch for Humans?

Healing Touch is a globally recognized training, which originated within the healthcare industry in America. By now it is known and proven that energetic therapy stimulates self-healing: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Energy also flows around and through our bodies, helping us to become more balanced. You can experience and measure this energy even if you cannot see it.

In the Healing Touch Techniques, the energetic centers or chakra, plus our life energy are opened, cleansed and connected to each other and to the energy of our mother earth plus the quantum field in and around us. Energy is known by various names, such as Chi in the Chinese medical tradition, Prana from Indian philosophy and bio-plasma energy in the modern sciences.

Healing Touch is widely spread especially among nurses and caregivers. Healing Touch is also applied in hospice homes. After all, Healing goes beyond the eye.

The Effects of a Healing Touch Treatment - Healing Touch

  • Creates physical and mental balance
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Combats severe fatigue, gives more energy
  • Helps recovery after surgery or illness
  • Promotes healing of wounds, bones, inflammation, joint problems, etc.
  • Increases quality of life during intensive medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or chemical medicines
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Relieves acute and chronic head or back pain
  • Relieves hormonal complaints.

Remote treatment or "hands-on" and how often is needed

There is no difference in the effectiveness of remote or live treatment. Almost all people choose to be treated remotely simply because then they can take their rest at home and do not have to travel.

The number of treatments depends on the diversity, duration and intensity of the issues but 2 to 3 treatments give the therapy and the individual a starting chance to let the change and relief manifest. It remains very individual how many layers lie underneath physical and emotional complaints. When these are released, balance is created and that is the foundation for good health and happiness.

“Marjolein’s energy work has helped me tremendously to heal, transform and become more connected to myself. It has helped me to live more freely, be in my own energy and to be able to help others more. “


Pricing of a Healing Touch for Humans treatment

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