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Healing Touch for Animals

What is Healing Touch for Animals?

Healing Touch for Animals is an energy field therapy, an energetic treatment that supports the body in self-healing physical, emotional and behavioral problems. The techniques of Healing Touch for Animals are designed to cleanse, balance and stabilize the animal’s energy system to promote health. This form of therapy can be used remotely or “hands-on.”

An animal feels the intention and effect of the Healing Touch treatment and is only too happy to allow it. This makes animals respond very well and quickly to these energetic techniques. They immediately feel that you are doing right by them and can therefore release old trauma more easily than humans.

Indications and effects of Healing Touch for Animals

  • helps an animal to understand its task and show the appropriate behavior
  • strengthens the bond between humans and animals
  • reduces stess and fear
  • strengthens the immune system and overall condition
  • supports an animal with injury, pain, illness, physical and emotional trauma
  • provides significant support in cancer and other chronic diseases
  • brings confidence and security in training and competition
  • supports acceptance and peace in death
  • and many other aspects of the body and mind

How often is needed and can it be a distance treatment?

Two or three consultations can give your animal a whole new perspective. The nature, duration and size of the complaint plus the individual itself determines how much intervention is needed. It is mostly the case that animals prefer to be treated remotely and therefore I do not need to be physically with the animal. For animals that do not like people close to them or do not want to be touched, distance treatment is a perfect choice. Being in its own environment also makes it easier for an animal to keep its focus.

There is also absolutely no difference in effect between a “hands-on” Healing Touch for Animals treatment and a distance session. They both work equally well.

Training + Certification

Healing Touch for Animals consists of 6 levels of training plus a very intensive Certification process. After going through all the levels I am also a certified Healing Touch for Animals therapist since 2012 to date.

As a certified practitioner of Healing Touch for Animals® (in full: Komitor Healing Method Inc./ Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA/KHM)), my mission is to “help animals with their health and well-being by providing energetic interventions and establishing a deeper contact between humans and animals.”

HTA/KHM techniques are designed to enhance self-healing and do not replace traditional treatment by a veterinarian, medical diagnosis or medication. Please consult your veterinarian for medical treatment!

“Through our dog’s healing touch for animals treatments before and after surgery, she recovered tremendously fast! Very nice to experience, especially since she is quite elderly anyway. She woke up very quickly and well and was allowed to come home immediately where she was happy and awake all day and enjoyed all the attention she received. She even had her normal portion of food the same day of intestinal surgery. Really very special! Thank you!

P. t K. 

“I work as a veterinarian’s assistant and when my 5 year old male cat “Borre” suddenly wouldn’t/couldn’t eat anymore and didn’t recover after treatment by the vet for laryngitis, I contacted Marjolein. She was able to tell through Borre that the pain was a little deeper (and thus invisible to the vet), namely at the transition to the esophagus! She then gave him, also remotely, a Healing Touch for Animals treatment which immediately improved him tremendously, this in combination with a wonderful lavender oil which he had to inhale and which the female had to smear on his paw. The result was amazing; he did not develop a fever until that moment; proof of the fact that his body could fight the infection then! From that moment on he is the bon vivant he always was.

In short, we are very satisfied with the treatment and especially with Marjolein’s aftercare! We really hope that a lot of veterinarians can be “open” to this, it is such an addition to veterinary medicine!!!

Annemieke, Rotterdam 

Pricing of a Healing Touch for Animal treatment

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