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Ancestral Healing

What is Ancestral Healing?

Ancestral Healing finds the deepest rooted origin of a physical, emotional or behavioral challenge to release the negative heavy charge. You don’t have to relive anything and you immediately feel lighter during and after a session. This method is the most effective and profound method to work with and I am super grateful for all the miracles this technique has brought my clients.

The energetic body (soul) stores everything you have ever experienced and if something is not released or processed, it remains stored and is even passed on to future generations. This is literally in your DNA and altering this imprint is called the science of Epigenetics!

A domino effect for everyone connected to you

For example, in epigenetics it is proven that behavior is passed down generation to generation until someone takes control to change it. DNA cannot be altered (except by CRISPR) but your predisposition to turn codes on and off can be changed. This determines whether you are susceptible or sensitive to something yes or no. Your own behavior, lifestyles and letting go of the karmic imprint of yourself and your predecessors is the key to permanent change. The beautiful thing is that the one who does Ancestral Healing does this not only for him or herself but for everyone who was and is connected to them. How beautiful is that! It is a domino effect that works backwards and also forwards. Yes, you can indeed change your past and future with this technique!

Patterns similar to those of your parents

It is often the case that patterns just keep repeating themselves, no matter how hard you try to think positive, compartmentalize everything in the brain, the patterns keep recurring.

Very often people get into a behavior very similar to that of their parents, no matter how hard they tried to avoid that very thing. There is a long list of very recognizable repeating patterns until you take matters into your own hands and take charge of your life.

Ancestral Healing is effective in its simplicity and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get the best out of themselves, to experience physical and mental health, to experience freedom and peace, which makes you experience new possibilities to live the life you have always wanted and were born for.

Can you also use Ancestral Healing for children and animals?

For children (until they are old and wise enough to participate themselves) and animals, you can use Ancestral Healing by taking the technique yourself. As a parent you can do this for your children, other family members and also your animals. You will be the one doing the session for you and the other individual(s).

“Because of Marjolein’s treatments, I do my work as a coach with much more peace and confidence. I can let go much easier since then, I feel more real, deep peace and what I like most is that it also allows me to help my own clients on a deeper level. I feel my intuition much stronger and I am also better able to listen to it.”


“Marjolein is a great listener and wonderful heart-warming person. One of the things I love about Marjolein’s energy work is that it heals trauma and other discomfort, without having to re-live it. Marjolein has helped me to become the person I want to be, for which I am immensely grateful. I would recommend her to everyone.”


Distance treatment or "hands-on" and how often is needed

There is no difference in the effectiveness of remote or in-person treatment. Almost all people choose to be treated remotely simply because then they can take their rest at home and do not have to travel. 

The number of treatments depends on the diversity, intensity and duration of the complaints but 2 to 3 treatments give the therapy and the individual a starting chance to let change and relief show itself. It remains highly individual how many layers lie beneath physical and emotional complaints. When these are released, then balance is created and that is the foundation for good health and a sense of peace and happiness.

The Ancestral Healing rate

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