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It started with animals!

Ever since I can remember I have had animals around me, with hair, feathers, scales and other species. And because I was intuitively very strong , I could pick up on their thoughts and feelings. I was and am concerned with the welfare of animals and that includes the relationship with humans. So, my passion is to help humans and animals towards good health, happiness and a close connection.

How did I gain my knowledge?

First I studied outer communication, that is, body language. What kind of body signals does an animal show and what does it mean.

You can then use these signals yourself to communicate with your animal in an understandable, friendly way. Mutual respect and understanding is key. The workshop Dog Language originated from this.

After that I further developed my intuitive abilities since I was already clairsentient and clairsvoyant.  Making contact with animals and people in this way is a very intimate and pure form of connection between 2 individuals. You can learn this telepathic intuitive form of communication in an Intuitive Development course.

Humans followed!

Because humans and animals are always linked and mirror each other, it is desirable to involve humans in treating animals.  Therefore, I started taking different types of energetic therapy for humans and animals as well as the mind-set needed for humans to maintain lasting results. What I offer is an merging of highly result-oriented therapy that brings the individual (human and animal) back to health of body and mind. I will continue to grow and develop with you because that is what I choose to do and that is why the list below will continue to expand.

“Marjolein’s energy work has helped me tremendously to heal, transform and become more connected to myself. It has helped me to live more freely, be in my own energy and to be able to help others more.”


“I have been working with Marjolein for many years now. Not only for myself, but for my whole family. Whether we encounter something physical or something emotional, she helps us through it in a short time with her different treatments and with the right words at the right time. It is very nice to have someone who does not judge, but listens to what is there, gives you an honest mirror and helps you through it.”


Training up to now

  • Kennel knowledge I and II – Raad van Beheer Nederland
  • First aid for animals
  • Pension & Asylum
  • Homeopathy for dogs – Atjo Westerhuis
  • TTouch – Linda Tellington
  • Bach Blossoms for humans & animals
  • Basic training Zorgdierteam – Stichting Zorgdier
  • Seminar calming signals – Turid Rugaas
  • Summer camp/3 days workshop – Turid Rugaas
  • Nose work and odor discrimination – Anne Lille Kvam
  • Seminar barking behavior of dogs – Turid Rugaas
  • Seminar Puppies & Young Dogs – Turid Rugaas
  • Intuitive Communicating with Animals – Birgitta van Spronsen
  • Advanced course in Intuitive Communication with animals – Birgitta van Spronsen
  • Healing Touch for Animals levels 1 to 6 – HTA
  • Healing Touch for Animals Certification Process USA
  • Healing Touch level 1
  • Dr Steven Farmer : Animal Spirit Guides
  • Anaflora Remedies & Communication – Sharon Callahan private education
  • The essence of the horse –
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Intensive Workshop online
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Progressive Workshop in Doorn & Erding
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza monthly Teleclass
  • Young Living Raindrop Therapy & Vitaflex Training
  • Sandra Ingerman : Experience the Shamanic Journey
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshops in Münich
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshops in Zurich and Münich
  • Course Human Light System Dr. Korotkov (GDV camera training)
  • The energetics of fear by Carol Komitor HTA
  • The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • The Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • Bio-Well training Berlin
  • Human by design Gregg Braden at Munichstein
  • The Master Key of the Immune System by Dr. Alex Loyd + advanced level
  • Your Year of Miracles Program
  • Ancestral Clearing Basic & Advanced by John Newton in Oslo
  •  Weekly training/clearing sessions with John Newton
  • Working with the Akashic Records by Sandra Anne Taylor
  • Inner Technique by Sadhguru
  • Ancestral Clearing Basic & Advanced by John Newton in Barcelona
  • The Path of the Universal Shaman by Don Oscar Miro-Quesada
  • Unlock Your Epigenetics by Prof. Kenneth Pelletier
  • The 5 Ancestral Realms Dr. Steven Farmer
  • The 5 Elements Energy Cleansing by Jean Haner
  • Pure Human Gregg Braden
  • The Great Convergence Bruce Lipton
  • Reweaving Your Ancestral Story by Gemma Benton
  • Lemurian Training
  • Sconic Science and Cymatics by John Steward Reid
  • The 12 Layers of DNA by Lee Carroll
  • A mystery school of our time by John Newton
  • Healing touch for animals level 6/AP2
  • Gregg Braden Man by design part 2
  • Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton

Have you become curious? Take a look at what I have to offer


holistic approach of body-mind-spirit-emotions


a wide range of support


Tesla 7 Chakra Energy – Intuitive Development – Dog Language

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