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My name is Marjolein van Vlodrop and I work as a holistic coach/therapist with individuals (newborns to seniors), coaches, therapists, other professionals and animals.

I use a holistic mind-body-soul-emotions approach to bring balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Releasing your limiting underlying beliefs, patterns, thoughts and feelings creates space for good health of body and mind.

My mission is to work with humans & animals to reach a sense of purpose, peace, good health and joy.

How can I help?

Animal Spirit offers help by releasing the deepest underlying causes for behavior or health issues, creating balance within the entire system.

This balance can manifest on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual. All these levels are connected, and all the information is stored within your energetic and physical system and can therefore be traced. These blockages/causes can lie far back in yourself or in your family lineage. Human and animal are largely the same in this and so I can use multiple types of therapy for both.

Releasing these underlying causes will contribute to greater awareness, a better mind-set plus physical and mental well-being for humans and animals. It will increase your free will so that you will and can make better choices that are in line with what is truly your highest good, and what your greatest desire and purpose is in this life.

Since there are no boundaries within the energy of the quantum field, I can work remotely with any individual in the entire world.

Examples of requests for help:

“I have been working with Marjolein for many years now. Not only for myself, but for my whole family. Whether we encounter something physical or something emotional, she helps us through it in a short time with her different treatments and with the right words at the right time. It is very nice to have someone who does not judge, but listens to what is there, gives you an honest mirror and helps you through it.”



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I have been working with Marjolein for many years now. Not only for myself, but for my whole family. Whether we encounter something physical or something emotional, she helps us through it in a short time with her different treatments and with the right words at the right time. It is very nice to have someone who does not judge, but listens to what is there, gives you an honest mirror and helps you through it.
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She not only helped my son get rid of some physical complaints as a baby (where the osteopath had no effect), but through her treatments he has also gained much more self-confidence and is much stronger in life. That is incredibly beautiful to see! I wish everyone a Marjolein in his/her life.
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Marjolein is a great listener and wonderful heart-warming person. One of the things I love about Marjolein’s energy work is that it heals trauma and other discomfort, without having to re-live it. Marjolein has helped me to become the person I want to be, for which I am immensely grateful. I would recommend her to everyone.
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As a Reiki practitioner and Qigong instructor, I work a lot with energy and was introduced to the Tesla products through Marjolein. The chakra set is my favorite! I use them with clients and my own family members of all ages and among other things they provide more balance, energy, peace and better sleep and the sensations are very noticeable with me and with the persons they are used for.
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The green plate has contributed to lower blood pressure. The cyrstalium plate makes me keep a better focus at the PC and I can work longer and no longer get headaches.
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The yellow chakra plate took away my stomach pain completely. I really like the fact that the use of the whole chakra set only has to take 20 minutes, which is perfect for myself but also for my clients. I find it a very nice tool to use in my coaching sessions and it really gives an extra dimension so you can achieve more.
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I use the chakra set or the big purple plate during my meditations to get my body and mind totally balanced and I feel reborn and tremendously free and happy when I am done.
S. t A.
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Today I attended the workshop understanding and applying dog language with Marjolein van Vlodrop. It was another instructive day and a lot of fun if you want to understand more about dogs! In fact a whole new world opens up for you and you get a lot more understanding of what they do. Marjolein also teaches you how you as a human can learn to communicate in the same way with dogs making everything much more harmonious, really nice to experience. Definitely recommended.
P. t K.
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Through our dog's healing touch for animals treatments before and after surgery, she recovered tremendously fast! Very nice to experience, especially since she is quite elderly anyway. She woke up very quickly and well and was allowed to come home immediately where she was happy and awake all day and enjoyed all the attention she received. She even had her normal portion of food the same day of intestinal surgery. Really very special! Thank you!
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Because of Marjolein's treatments, I do my work as a coach with much more peace and confidence. I can let go much easier since then, I feel more real, deep peace and what I like most is that it also allows me to help my own clients on a deeper level. I feel my intuition much stronger and I am also better able to listen to it.
B. te N.
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Thank you so much for the bereavement counseling for both our cat and myself. Cleo was deteriorating but even then it is and remains difficult to face it and then actually tie the knot. Especially considering the fact that I just had a loss to deal with, it was hard to think about the next loss. Partly because of your Anaflora, both Cleo and I became calmer and more aware. We were able to say goodbye to each other in a beautiful peaceful way and she was able to make her own resting place. Thank you for all your sweet help.
N. te G.
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Thank you for talking to our dog and being able to articulate what is going on in him and what he wants. The Anaflora remedy you created for his grieving worked within 2 days! He is happy again, energetic and more open to us and other dogs. Super thanks!
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Marjolein’s energy work has helped me tremendously to heal, transform and become more connected to myself. It has helped me to live more freely, be in my own energy and to be able to help others more.
E. te V.
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Incredibly handsome and super correct characterization of our parakeet! Very nice that we now know what is bothering him and the Anaflora Avian Wellness is doing all our birds super well!!!They are a lot more tolerant, relaxed, less noisy and happier.
M. t K.
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Thank you for the Anaflora remedy for myself! I get out of bed a lot easier, have more courage and energy and perseverance. Incredibly unfortunate that I didn't try this sooner!!!
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Some time ago I followed the intuitive communication course with Marjolein and that was a very beautiful and special experience. I am very happy that I did it, a whole new world opened up for me. The setup and atmosphere was unique and made it possible for me to grow and discover what is possible in the field of communicating with animals. I am grateful for the click with the emotional life of our animals. The course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with their pet and take a step that not many people are given, namely the step of communicating respectfully and honestly with our fellow residents. Think back to the course often and with great pleasure and warm feelings.
M. te B.
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Our German shepherd Hera was a playful and sprightly dog until she was startled by the sound of a truck. She no longer dared to go outside and after several behavior therapists and in-house rehabs that helped a little, I started looking further and found Animal Spirit. Marjolein helped Hera through remote treatments and an Anaflora remedy tuned for Hera. We saw our Hera transform into a happy girl who plays, is cheerful, no longer strikes out and enjoys walks again. Marjolein also supported us as humans in dealing with Hera and we are grateful for her patience, commitment and guidance. We can heartily recommend Marjolein to everyone. M. at B
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I work as a veterinarian's assistant and when my 5 year old male cat "Borre" suddenly wouldn't/couldn't eat anymore and didn't recover after treatment by the vet for laryngitis, I contacted Marjolein. She was able to tell through Borre that the pain was a little deeper (and thus invisible to the vet), namely at the transition to the esophagus! She then gave him, also remotely, a Healing Touch for Animals treatment which immediately improved him tremendously, this in combination with a wonderful lavender oil which he had to inhale and which the female had to smear on his paw. The result was amazing; he did not develop a fever until that moment; proof of the fact that his body could fight the infection then! From that moment on he is the bon vivant he always was. In short, we are very satisfied with the treatment and especially with Marjolein's aftercare! We really hope that a lot of veterinarians can be "open" to this, it is such an addition to veterinary medicine!!! Annemieke , Rotterdam

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